SOE, in their infinite wisdom, has announced they are going to make it easier to level from 20-70. My opinion is this is a smooth move Ex-Lax style. Perhaps, when the next expansion maybe. As for now though, with their handful of zone’s available, I really think your average, short attention span person is just going to put the game down.

Please take note here. In my humble opinion, SOE, with EQ1, shot themselves in the foot trying to put out an expansion every 6 months for a while and never went back to clean their mess. Here is a good example of them shooting themselves in the foot with EQ2.

Looking for your WoW killer? Let SOE run them for a bit. HA! I just made me laugh. I kid, I kid. No, what I actually meant was, WoW will end up being it’s own WoW killer. WoW + Time = WoW Killer. Official Crookshankz odds 80:1


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