Underwear = +50 Armor?

I absolutely love reading Tipa’s blog but, it seems she’s going Tom Cruise Crazy. Not sure if it’s too much med’s or not enough but, she needs to keep it up cause she’s making me laugh 🙂

I’m fairly certain she’s experiencing angst due to the lack of Halflings in Warhammer. But, that’s mere speculation on my part. But really in her jesting, she is getting the main theme about Warhammer. They made the game fun. See, she’s having fun with it and she hasn’t even played it.

On to another topic here. I was wondering if someone would mind explaining this to me please. I never saw this happen in EQ2. In my trial of WoW it was rampid and from what I saw in AoC it was there too.

But why do people fight in their underwear? Here, I bring examples.

What is that? I’m all for the fantasy armor and all that but…I’m still scratching my head on this and I think I really need it explained.

Last thing, if anyone reading this happened to get in on the CE, was wondering if your experiencing long queue times still. Everyone was ripping on this the first day of launch but, I’ve yet to experience it at all.


4 Responses to “Underwear = +50 Armor?”

  1. Tom Cruise crazy? Sheesh!

    I imagine they will be unlocking a dozen or so new servers in the next couple of days. I would be very surprised if queues were much of an issue once the official ‘go-live’ date comes.

  2. Crookshankz Says:

    I meant Tom Cruise crazy with admiration behind it tho…there’s a difference

  3. There are some titles you can unlock for not wearing anything during a public quest.

  4. crookshankz Says:

    I was wondering about that. That’s probably how you get “Self Centered” and I think there is another one. Gotta love asking and finding the answer! Thanks for the info

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