Still Waiting

D2D still hasn’t updated my ticket :-\. They really have to hours of operations and a contact number. This is ridicoulous.

All I can do is make a bunch of assumptions. I assume, my ticket made at 4:57 PST, was at the close of their support time. I am assuming that if it gets answered at all over the weekend it’ll be after 10 am PST today. More than likely though, I’ll be SOL.

EA’s phone number was a bust and I just got to hear the same hold music for roughly an hour before I couldn’t take any more of it. Both the wife and I kept singing “FIRE AWAY, FIRE AWAY” which was the lyrics that were repeating over and over.

As a long shot I had a buddy talk to an ingame GM. The GM responded quickly to the petition but basically said I was SOL.

Looks like I’ll have to go back and spend this weekend in EQ2. umm….yea? So happy Monday my issue should be fixed, of course, that’s my busy day so I won’t get to test it untill Tuesday :-\.


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