While I Was Away

While I have time, I had two things to share. Really, it’s more of one thing to share and a question. First, I had funky graphic lag in War. I’m reading a lot of people have but, mine was really bad and it wasn’t just in War so it was at least partially in my machine. I think that’s fixed now but, I wanted to share this funky screenshot:

I know it’s hard to tell via this screenshot but, it really looks like this guy belongs in a Tim Burton film. Edward Floppyhands or something like that.

Anyways, now on to my question. Sorry this may be a bit of a back story.

In a nutshell, while I was out of EQ2 drama unfolded between my EQ2 guild and our alliance. Both guild leaders, my guild leaders wife and the raid leader were in a chat with a (in my opinion) well known guild’s leader. They were talking about the well known guild joining our alliance. (If any of this is making sense).

So, what happens is the current alliance guild, has an officer that wants into the chat. They let him in. That officer in the alliance guild starts bad mouthing my guild. And he continues bad mouthing us for quite some time (he was allegedly drunk).

Next day he apologized but my guild leader’s weren’t hearing it at the moment. Then that same guild officer of the alliance guild called my guild members into the alliance guild chat, spent 5 minutes apologizing to us, then proceded to single out people to let them know “what they were doing wrong.” Which I am told lasted 20 minutes.

Honestly, I wasn’t there for any of this and it’s all hear-say to me. However, when you have a guild full of people all saying the same thing, I’m going to tend to believe them.

When the alliance guild leader was asked, “Well are you going to let your officer be like this?” The response has been “What do you want me to do, I can’t stop him from saying anything.”

My take on that response is going to be, no you can’t stop a guild member from saying anything, but you can stop him from saying it as a representative of your guild. Am I wrong that part of a guild leaders responsibility is to make sure their guild member’s follow and adhere to their rules and regulations?

After all of that jazz, more drama unfolded however, I think at that point it hit the broad side of ridiculous with the same one member of the alliance guild. I’m not even going to go into that part because, it’s too insane to repeat.

From my understanding, communication between the two guilds are fairly silent. But the alliance is still there. So over all, your the leader of a guild. You have a responsibility to your guild, where do you draw the line? When do you stop allowing guild members to be treated poorly? And where’s your line in the sand drawn for an alliance to step across for you to sever ties (in this case what I always considered strong ties)with them completely?


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