Woe Is Me

Sigh. So work was busy today, which means, I didn’t even break out my laptop. I wish I would have. Mythic bumping up the day that they were doing away with the beta codes kind of messed me up.

Technically the issue wasn’t Mythic. Technically the issue is with Direct2Drive. I ordered 2 copies of the game from them. One copy early enough to get me into open beta and the second copy on the 18th.

What happened is D2D only sent me my beta code and head start code but, I didn’t think anything of it, I was playing right? Then we bought my wife a copy of the game and they mailed her out her game key. So, when I got home, I found my account inactive. No big deal, D2D has a big notice on how to get your game key on their website.

So I follow their instructions and they email me my wife’s cd key. YIKES. I tried to follow the same instructions on the download I got for my wife, and same cd key was sent. Since D2D doesn’t offer any way to contact them on thier website, I had to create a ticket. 4:57 pm PST is noted on their ticket. I’m assuming everyone left work there at 5 PST. I still haven’t had any update on it.

Then, I tried to call Mythic to plead my case with them. After an hour and twenty minutes on hold (speaker phone, I’m a professional) I gave up.

My money is D2D offices aren’t open untill Monday (the day I don’t get to log in) so Tuesday, I hopefully will be back in some WAAAGH!!!

On a brighter note, I think booting into safemode to uninstall my display adapters and reloading them may have fixed my lag issues. 48 Fps in SQ.


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