Roads Lead To War(hammer or craft, you pick)

I am under the personal belief, that pear’s and apples are very similar.  They both are fruits, they have the same texture skin, and the similar texture fleshy parts.  While one unarguably makes better juice and pie, the taste and the appeal are completely different.

I also, hold the same belief of World of Warcraft and Warhammer.  While yes, they are both MMO’s, have semi-customized avatars, offer questing system and use the “mashing of buttons”, the taste and appeal are completely different.

With that said, I offer the following experiment.  Go to your favorite Warhammer forum, pick out a longer post on almost any topic.  Now read the thread and notice how no matter what topic you pick, it seems all roads lead to WoW.

No matter what the topic, somehow people find to a way to segway Warcraft in there.  Crafting?  Warcraft does it <better/worse>.  Character Animations?  They <should/should not> be just like WoW’s.  People running around in their underwear?  Warcraft Dark Elves are <uglier/hotter>  I really think that if someone made a Political post about McCain vs. Obama in a gaming post, some goob would put a reply saying how it reminded them of the Onyxia Raid and that McCain needs more dots.

The arguement that Warhammer is the same kind of MMO that has already been made, well, I can sort of see that and that’s not what I’m talking about. 

To constantly get the comparison between Warhammer and Warcraft seems just uncalled for and a bit unfair.  If these posters are so upset that Warhammer isn’t more like Warcraft perhaps the should consider playing Warcraft again. 

My other thought on this, is that people need to consider that even though WoW is currently the King of MMO’s, not everyone has played it past the free trial.  So when you say, Warhammer should have variable X just like Warcraft, not everyone understands what your talking about.

With all that said, now I feel the need to have some apple pie :-).


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