Unfortunate Coincidence

This is almost funny.

Here I am, making my very first post on WordPress.  I was kind of excited about this.  I have tried to take great care in setting my new blog up just the way I like it.  Made a new banner.  Everything.  And wouldn’t you know, the Import section of WordPress is down.  :-\

I see in the WordPress forum that some other people are having the same issue and have filed into Support for it.  I’m going to make a wild stab in the dark and assume that, this being fairly late on a Saturday night, help will not arrive until bright and early Monday morning.

The part that makes it funny, is Direct2Drive gave my wife and I the same Key for Warhammer.  Guess when their support will be open?  Bright and early Monday morning.  My weekend of Warhammer is non-existant at this point.

My posts will be limited until the Import feature becomes available to me again.  I’m just worried that once posted, then I import, my posts between now and then will get pushed down to the bottom of the list.

So now, let’s see who get’s things situated first, WordPress or Direct2Drive.

EDIT:  Schweet!  WordPress FTW.  Sometimes I love being wrong and the Import function worked like a charm.


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