Warhammer: Cultivating Explained

Stargrace was asking about Cultivating in Warhammer.  There’s a lot about Cultivating I have yet to learn but, the comment was getting a little long so I figured I’d post what I knew here.  Please keep in mind that I’m not near a computer with Warhammer on it so I may be a bit off here and there and cannot supply screenshots.

Crafting has two forms in Warhammer.  A Gathering Skill and a Trade skill. Cultivating is considered a Gathering Skill.

For Cultivating, first you’ll need to speak with a Cultivator.  I know on the Order/Empire side the person is just outside of the Grey Lady Inn.  Not sure about the locations of other Cultivators.  They are typically in Chapter 2 area’s and have a <Cultivator> tag under their name.

Speak with them and they will give you the skill.  In your ability window, that’s the grabbing hand icon at the top, find your Cultivating Icon.  It looks like a mushroom.  Either Drag it to your hot bar or use it from the ability window.

Click on the Cultivating Icon and it will open what they are calling a plot, which is just another window.  Drag a seed from your bag into the big circle into the center.  Your plot will change to a window that shows the seed in the ground.  On the upper left hand corner, you will see the seed you dragged in.  On the right is 3 different boxes.

The 3 boxes are for additives.  You can add soil, water, and fertilizer at different points in the combines.

You’ll also note 2 timer’s counting down.  The timer at the very bottom is for the over all combine.  This is the total time it will take for you to make a plant.  The other timer starts out in the bottom box.  That shows how long it will let you add soil to that particular square.  If you have soil drag and drop it to that box.  If you don’t, just let it count down.  The timer then moves to water, and so forth.

These additives are not suppose to necessary to grow your plant but, are suppose to increase the odds of getting extra goodies.  Off the top of my head, I do not remember what those goodies are.

When your plant has grown Click on the Harvest button.  Please note, the John SmedleySporecap.  Ha!  Only other thing to note is that Your Plot does not have to be up in order to cultivate.  Also, I’m not certain how to unlock the other 3 plots.

Hope this helps.  And I’m sure you can find more information about it here.

EDIT:  Found this blog with a bunch more info than I offered.  Hopefully this will answer any questions you may have left.


In the spirit of Tipa (sorry not trying to steal her shtick.)


Famine, is a word we’re all familiar with.  There is famine every where through out history.  It’s a horrible thing.

That of course, is before Warhammer invented Cultivating.  Never heard of that before have you.  Now grow your own food!  What?  It’s true I say.  That’s right, you can grow your own food in 3 simple steps.

  1. Kill Mob
  2. Collect seeds from dead mobs

Yes!  It’s that easy.  Starve no longer.  It’s actually a proven fact.  In the 4 days that famine has actually dropped 32%*.  Warhammer Online, making our world a better place.


*% may vary or be wrong all together.

Ok.  Tipa does it better but, I couldn’t resist.


4 Responses to “Warhammer: Cultivating Explained”

  1. Thanks for the brief info! Since it looks like I don’t have to worry about it until Chapter two (I’m still meandering my way through chapter one) I’ll just hang onto all these seeds for now..

  2. crookshankz Says:

    The cultivator will sell you T1 seeds and all the other items you may need fairly cheap if you find a need to sell them to make room in your bags.

  3. While the comments here are helpful… I have a few discoveries to add myself.

    1. The stuff I grow is not for food. The products harveested are for apothecary potions and when you plant a seed it yields a harvestable item.

    2. Seeds planted do not always yield the same thing and once in a while they kind of fizzle yielding a product that seems to be unusable.

    2. The wandering quest guys that give you seeds in each chapter seem to give you seeds used in healing potions that are not consumed when you grow the plants.

    4. The soil. water and fertilizer may or may not improve your chance at extra yield but they do hurry the growing process along.

    5. The extra growing plots are opened at level 25 and 100- Have not opened the fourth plot yet but I would guess greater than 125.

    6. It is helpful if your culitvator is also the toon you use for apothocary as this stuff seems to accumulate at an excellerated rate once you start growing things.

    Happy gargening !!!

  4. Thanks so much for adding info. Is appreciated 🙂

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