WAR: Mark Jacob vs. Scumbags

One of the things I really enjoy about Warhammer is Paul Barnett and Mark Jacob’s enthusiasm about it.  If you need any proof, you should read Mark’s latest blog.  Especially, this one.  For those to enthralled by my writing to leave the page, in this particular blog Mark has written he expresses his deep hate HATE for Gold Sellers.

Here in the Crookshankz household, they are considered lower than that sticky clump at the bottom of the cat box.  But, one thing Mark did not comment on are those that make Gold Sellers exist in the first place.  The people that buy gold.  I wonder what his stance is on them?

I’m a believer that people who purchase gold are just as much to blame for my getting spammed to buy gold as the spammers themselves.  And what punishment would befit them?  Obviously, Mythic wouldn’t want to ban their account.  Well, not right away at least.  Perhaps confiscating the money they purchased?  Maybe, taking the money and a big <So and so was a goober that bought money.  And part of the reason you get spammed, so next time you see him say THANKS>  go through on a zone wide announcement?

I’m sure catching gold buyers are more difficult as catching gold sellers.  You would think there would be a way to monitor the mailing system and to see who is sending large sum’s of gold.  Or monitor the bank to see who has a level 10 toon but, 100g it the bank.  I think it would just take time and patience to hunt through accounts to find the perpetrators.

I am of a firm belief that only banning the Gold Sellers are treating the symptom.  A proactive method needs to be set in place to find and punish the buyer’s as well.  I’m thinking public stonings (at least in game).

I’m Crookshankz and I approve this message.


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