We’ll See What Happens

I have spent a good chuck of my day studying TCP/IP, which is never fun.  While looking up some information, I checked my email and I found an email pointing over to this fantastic interview with Mark Jacobs over at tentonahmmer.com.  The interview makes me even more excited that I’m playing Warhammer and he makes quite a few bold statements.

“On a decidedly different track, over the next four months we’re looking at bringing back some of those classes that we cut or some of the other content that was cut. Or giving players some additional things that they want and have been asking for.

Four months huh?  I think that is a very fast pace time line.  We’ll see if he put’s his money where his mouth is.

OK, back to studying.


One Response to “We’ll See What Happens”

  1. […] What To Expect As I posted yesterday, Mark Jacobs stated he is expecting, in 4 months to have some of the content and classes added back […]

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