EQ2: Is More (XP), Better?

In a move that reminiscent of the final days of Asheron’s Call 2, SOE is not only increasing overall XP, they are also, giving their players Double XP Weekend.  I wonder what makes these changes come about?

Is it so new players have an easier time catching up to the veteran’s or do they have that much faith in their end game?  Is it so my wife will force me to play EQ2 this weekend?  I feel that it’s due to the last option however, my thought lies with they want as many players level 50+ before Shadow Odyssey comes out so they can get the most return for their work.  That makes the most sense to me.  Of course, they could just be putting lipstick on a pig 🙂

Is leveling an actual issue though?  I felt once I knew where to go and when to go there, that was the bigger challenge.  Perhaps SOE could have came out a leveling guide instead?

At least one person feels this is the End of the Challenging MMO.  I’m not quite sure if I really agree with that either.  Is any MMO really all that challenging anymore?  Get groups kill mobs.  Raiding?  Get many groups, get gear, kill mob.

I guess getting a group of non-goobs can be challenging but, I never felt like I was on Jeopardy while playing an MMO.

I think the bigger questions is what is going to happen when everyone hits level cap and is disappointed.  Perhaps, that’s just me.  I know I became jaded with EQ2’s end game.  Either way, I definitely wish the game luck and hope these changes are truly for the better.

Now, I have to get ready to suck it up and go play EQ2 this weekend to make the wife happy.  Thanks SOE.   (things I do for love 🙂


3 Responses to “EQ2: Is More (XP), Better?”

  1. Now now….I don’t wan’t you to come play EQ2 this weekend. I know you haven’t enjoyed the game in a long time and having you play while still not enjoying the game does not make it fun for me. So I would rather you keep leveling your Witch Hunter next to me and be happy, than play the Troubbie but not really enjoy it. Just saying…

    The Wife 🙂

  2. crookshankz Says:

    /hugs to the wife
    (isn’t she awesome)

  3. I think it’s just to entice players to play. Since the bonus is only this weekend, and some festivals are starting up in game, in wake of the guildhalls going live soon(tm) why not get all excited to play. Myself personally? I’m looking forward to thinks.

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