WAR: One Test to Test Them All

I am definitely having fun with Warhammer.  I really think it’s had a very smooth launch, at least compared to some most other games out there.

I think the true test is coming up rapidly.  The onslaught of expansions that are due out in November.  By then the newness of the game will have worn thin and line’s will be drawn in the sand.  It will be time for people decide on War vs. the latest and greatest their previous MMO has to offer.

  1. LotRO ~ Mines of Moria ~ November 3
  2. WoW ~ Wrath of the Lich King ~ November 13
  3. EQ2 ~ Shadow Odyssey ~ November 18

Honestly, everyone knows (or should know) it’s not going to be a WoW killer or at least, not any time soon.  But, I do think it’s possible for War to slide into the number two spot within the Fantasy MMO genre.  MMOGChart’s looks like the information is a little out dated but, if we go off those numbers 500k subscribers is the hill to get over.  With that said it has been reported that War is already at that number.

Of course, that’s now.  Two month’s down the road?  Only time will tell.


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