WAR: Relearning Your Classes

It is common knowledge that Warhammer is not anything new where MMO’s are concerned.  One thing War does makes you do (or should make you do) is re-examine what you know about your classes, where RvR is concerned.

Healers are not able to just spam heal.  The game forces them to do at least some DPS.  The more DPS, the better the heals.  Too many heals and no DPS, then you run out of action points and your heals grey out.

There are options available.  My Warrior Priest gets a spell that will replenish action points, which will allow me to cast a few more spells.  Also, there are potions that will do the same thing.

Healing can be frustrating if your trying to wrap your head around changing from a mandatory DPS/Healer vs. your typical healer you find in most MMO’s.  Your frustration goes up even more when you get that Goob in group screaming for more heals.

Heal verry verrrry slowly.  More heals, more heals, more heals!

Tanking can be just as frustrating.  “Taunt it off me.”  I would love too but, taunts in RvR do not seem to work the same as they do in PvE.  Personally, I am not sure if the player just re-targets his victim just that quick or what.  If I understand what the boards are saying, taunts were as a debuff than a taunt.  Regardless, as much as the Meat Shield is wanting to pull the enemy off you, he’s going to have a hard time doing so.

The DPS classes, I have played are feel fairly familiar.  The exception being the Witch Hunter, who has Ranged, Mid-Ranged and Melee DPS.  Shadow Warriors get nice stances that you sometimes need to switch around on the fly.  But again, they are a bit more stereotypical.

As a player, finding your groove is key.  Whether your trying to balance DPS and heals or taunts or what have you, relearning how classes work and reevaluation your expectations of others will definitely help your enjoyment of the game.

Do not mistake my meaning.  Healers still need to heal, tanks still need to protect their squishies, and skill matters not when 7 people decide to walk through you 🙂

Happy Hunting!


One Response to “WAR: Relearning Your Classes”

  1. Enric Darkstone Says:

    Taunts don’t actually pull people to look at you, they just weaken them as you said. Which actually provokes me to fight the tank and get rid of the debuff, so it does work in way ^_^ I’ve noticed that depending upon which tank you are actually playing, the debuff they get changes. Black Orc lowers their damage while Chosen increases the damage you do to them, for example.

    I’ve tried playing healers but it just wasn’t as fun to me. I got a DoK to seven or so, so I’ll end up playing her in the future, but the Zealot and the Shaman I couldn’t stomach past rank four. (I like the idea that buffs allow your party to casts spells as well though from the Zealot though) It’s because of this I give healers respect and thank them when I actually get one, but I still hold a reservation to complain when I don’t get one when I’m tanking five+ Order away from my team as they cap a base/flag.

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