Ton of Potential

Tentonhammer has a write up on a newly announced MMO called Otherland.  Based of a Tad Williams series of the same name, from how I understand it, a player can travel to different worlds and based off those worlds, is the type of MMO you’ll be playing.  Fantasy, check.  Steam-punk, check.  Sci-Fi, Check.

Charles Stross’ book entitled the Haunting State, which I mentioned in a earlier blog, talked about MMO’s with a similar kind of theme.  In my opinion, even if it went a standard kind of game play, just the idea around it has the potential to be ground breaking.

I am a bit concerned due to it sounding like the developers are a small company.  Would be great if they opened the world up though for other developers to make their own world.  Imagine an MMO that would have a world made by Blizzard, Turbine, Mythic, Funcom and SOE.  HA!  Then imagine other companies with actual original worlds.  OK, OK, I kid, I kid.

But, you see the potential there.  This game definately goes on my must watch list.


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