WAR: Goobers Run Amuck

I have two points to make today.  In order to make the first point, I have to tell you a story.

Here I am today, in queue for a scenario, patiently waiting.  Killing time, I decide I’m going to work on a quest while I wait.  I pop open the map and am trying to see which quest is where and figure out the best quest to do first, second, and so forth.

I get a dialogue box open up.  I’ve done this a million times.  Yes, I want to join the scenario, right?  Wrong.  Apparently, I was welcomed to my new guild.  WHAT!?!?!?!  Low and behold, due to me not reading what I was signing I was a member of some freaking Fluffy Bunny Goober Guild.  ZOMG!

What I wish I would have said, was what kind of idget would I have to be to join a guild that just ninja invites.  That would be amazingly stupid of me.  I take my gaming semi seriously but, I take my guilds extremely serious.  Just the fact that I received a ninja invite makes me think that the guild’s previous gaming experience could only include WoW…uh….WoW.  Not saying WoW is a crappy game, just saying that was the only game I’ve only been Ninja invited to a guild (multiple times and sometimes spammed). before War.  A lack of a semi-mature Community was the deal breaker with me for WoW, and I hope this doesn’t repeat itself.  I was simply amazed.

What I did say, while I was being greated was, “Uh wrong button.”  and I promptly left the guild.

Now to point 1.  Due to me not reading what I was clicking on, this guild gained Renown Rank 6.  They were rewarded for being goobs.  Guild Renown should either A) not be given due to the amount of members in your guild.  or B) Given only after guild members are with the guild for a minimum time (a week?).  Renown instantaneously only encourages these complete goons to carry on their goobery ways and sad to say, doing this over and over again, they will build their guild up faster than many legitimate guilds, that are way more deserving.

Next time I get ninja invited, I plan to give whatever guild that is, a new butt chewed out.  I do not plan to be pleasant.  Mythic, expect to hear reports about me on this one.  I’ll be on that guilds /ignore list for sure.

Man, I was mad.  Mad at that and I all the freaking spam tells, and every time I log in I have to: remove my cloak appearance, remove my chat window, report someone from spam (it happens that quick for me) and turn off that freaking open group option.   Ugh, Everyday, it’s making my head start to hurt just thinking about it. 

Needless to say, I was mad.  So mad I have to tell someone.  So, I pop open my feedback window and….well, look at this and someone explain.

No Sense At All

No Sense At All

 Ok you see the red box, that is the area to type.  You see the red solid box.  That’s ALL THE AREA THAT IS ALLOWED TO TYPE IN.  Leave your feed back, in as few words as possible.  If you look at this screenshot, that was part 3.  I think, by the time I was done, there were 6 parts.  I was mad.

Logged out, and watched a movie.  My tolerence for this kind of stuff is low.  Just want to enjoy my game, uninterrupted by ninja invites, gold sellers, and offer feedback, in as many words as I see fit.


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