WAR: 2 Questions, 2 Answers

I had 2 questions about Warhammer that I had to research.  I thought I’d share them, in case you too, had those same questions.

MY QUESTION: When and how do I get my last name?

      When you get to lvl 20 there is a guy right outside the castle in the Inevitable City, the Name Registrar.

MY QUESTION: What is the deal with mounts?

     Q: Where Do I get my mount?
     Primarily the main cities at this point. (Destruction map in-closed, 11k by 16k on the map. Destruction Side City- Head to The Breaking Grounds and look for a NPC named Roeland Beastbreaker (Mount Vendor).

     Q: At what level can I get my mount?
     Level 20

     Q: How much does a mount cost?
     15 gold

And there you have it 🙂


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