You hear that?  It’s me honking my own horn.

On these stats, I’m Prestian and my wife is Jaleni.  We rocked this scenario very, very hard.

My wife, who absolutely, positively hates, HATES PvP.  She’s tried it in Warhammer now, 2.1 times.  This last time…well, she kind of liked it.  And that gives me hope.

Really, if this was any other scenario, Order would have been victorious.  Khaine is a bastard.


2 Responses to “WAR: HONK! HONK!”

  1. Don’t get your hopes up, hun. I’m willing to do the PVP and RVR with you here and there, but I guarantee nothing. It reminds me too much of how it was in DAoC and I HATED it there. Too many people doing too many different things at once and no one looking out of anyone but themselves. Too selfish an environment for me. I personally enjoy being able to help other players, but if I am the only one doing it, it kinda sours the experience for me. I will say that this last time, the dorf did a bang up job at healing and THAT was what made me not hate it too much. But that is never a guarantee…people will play as they see fit and I find it is mostly a me-me-me mentality out there. I’ll try it again and we’ll see how it goes….pray the dorf is there again 🙂

    The Wife

  2. A guy can dream though, right 🙂

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