WAR: Family Night in War

Even my wife, who still is not sold on Warhammer yet, cannot deny the adorableness of Dwarves.  Out of the handful of toons she’s made so far, this was the first one that got a “I had fun!” instead of “Meh, whatever” from the moment it was made.

Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Things that were noteworthy last night: 
     *  Damaged equipment which were fixed into level 1 shoulders dropped.  I didn’t even know there were such things as level 1 shoulders.
     *  The Chapter 1 Public Quest in the dwarf area offers Body Gear in the green bag.
     * The hot fix yesterday seemed to help my White Lion’s pet always be visible and he wasn’t disappearing randomly.  He also did much better at sticking by my side.  His pathing is still a bit wonky though.
     *  Wife had a good time 🙂  (W00T!)
It is a day off for me today!  Heroes is going to be watched while having breakfast and WAAAGH!! to follow immediately thereafter.  Doesn’t that sound like a good day? 
Happy Hunting!

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