WAR: Nice Job, Mythic

I’m going to have to say, Mythic has impressed me, once again.  After checking out the update notes:

*   The war against the gold spammers continues.  We’ve added new code that will hinder the spammers as they seek to carry out their nefarious deeds!  This is only the next step, not the final one, in our continued battle against them.

As you’ve seen my frustration with that in prior posts, you know that is high on my “must fix list”.  So after reading this, I turned on my ability to receive tells.  (Yes, that was my work-around for the issue).  Last night 0 tells from spammers.  I asked the guild I belong to, and they also did not receive any tells.  W00t!!!  Very nice.

*   While in scenarios, players will no longer be able to select “Need” in their loot windows unless their career or race can use the item being offered. Please note: players of a lower level than required by the item are still able to roll. Outside of scenarios, this feature is an optional setting that may be turned on manually by group leaders .

How brilliant is that?  Great idea.  Worked well.

*   We continue to work on the issues with the pet window. We have identified and corrected another bug which was causing this window to disappear.
*   Improvements have been made regarding an issue that was causing pets to teleport back to their owners after combat.

It’s worth noting, that my White Lion, while still a bit buggy here and there, seems to be acting better than ever.  He’s there, by my side, running next to me and doesn’t mysteriously vanish.  HOO-RAH!

Not sure if the update had absolutely anything  to do with this, but I joined a T2 scenario.  Was in it about 45 seconds later. 

Mail’s still a bit laggy.  Wasn’t as bad last night as what it was last night.  Not sure if it was just not as many people using it.  That still needs a bit of work.

I’m not sure if their performance issues were corrected.  I never had any of the CTD’s that I see some other bloggers experience unless I gamed more than 5 hours.  (Hopefully, I didn’t jinx myself).

Mythic is really doing a good job (in my opinion) fixing the issues and have alleviated the sources of most of my in-game frustrations.   I don’t know what I’ll do when I have nothing else to complain about 🙂  (I’m sure I’ll find something.


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