Feeling The Economic Crunch

After speaking in depth to the family, I’ve decided that I’ll be canceling our subscriptions to Warhammer.  I just don’t have the money to keep subscriptions to two MMO’s.  And even though, I think that Warhammer is a fantastic game with potential coming out of it’s yin yang, it looses out to EQ2.  Out of all the things WAR offers, no matter how it tries, it can’t make my wife enjoy PvP.  And no matter how much I enjoy it, I will always enjoy gaming with my wife the more.

So with all that said, sorry Mythic.  All my major gripes with you fixed with much haste.  I have no real gripes with the game.  Even the quite community, I was ok with.  (I usually turn chat channels off)  Mythic, I wish you good luck and good fortune.  If the economy picks up, consider me coming back :-).

With that said, hello EQ2.  I hope you learn some lessons from Mythic.  If your not sure which lessons you should try to learn, no worries, I’ll be blogging about them soon enough 😛


One Response to “Feeling The Economic Crunch”

  1. You know, I really wish you would keep Warhammer. It had been quite some time since I had seen you enjoy an MMO like that…and even though I did not enjoy PvP that much, I still enjoyed playing the quests and just gaming with you. You on the other hand, are not a big fan of EQ2 anymore and I feel really bad that you would give up what you love just to hang out with me. Please note that if I have to go back to buying “I wanna-be’s” in order to help pay for Warhammer, then so be it. I want you to be happy with your gaming choices…not settling because of me. You know what I mean?

    The Wife

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