EQ2: Celebration in Norrath

The halloween season is starting back in Norrath starting Wednesday, October 22, 2008 and going until Monday, November 3, 2008.  Thinking back to my first Halloween in Norrath, I thought it was fantastic.  Then two years of the exact same set up, I thought it was kind of lame.  Does this year prove to be different?

This year they are saying:

However, THIS year there are some new additions! Not only will there be decorations in Gorowyn for those of the scaly persuasion, some smugglers have managed to sneak a few decorations into Neriak. Now, you can either revel in the fun, or you can curry favour with Queen Cristanos and smash them, either way be sure to talk to the Nights of the Dead celebrators in the various zones for the history behind the festivities!

How I am translating that, is it will be the same but, now there will be the same haunted house in Gorowyn and Neriak, instead of making people run to the original city zones.  I am less than hopeful, that these will be anything different.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Now, this second haunted house they are mentioning…

There’s also a brand spanking new Haunted Mansion out in the Loping Plains and some new transportation to see you safely through the zone on your way to check it out.

Will hopefully be brand new.  This is kind of exciting and I’m hopeful that the LP haunted house will be a nice addition to the festivities.  I get the suspicion though, that this is just a small bone and next year we’ll get all the same ole, same ole.  Only time will tell.

Of course, the true highlight of any EQ2 holiday is all the hard work Domino (and others I’m sure).  Crafting promises to bring in new tradeskill recipes.  Those, I am sure, will not disappoint.

Question:Is it safe to say, that the work Dev’s (of all MMO’s) on the holidays are good reflections of how dev’s approach the rest of the game?  IE:  If the holidays are all rehashed, do you think that all other aspects of game updates (other than fixes) are going to be rehashed as well?

And finally, here’s your funlink today brought to you via an EQ2 forum thread.  Enjoy a LOL Catz thread.


2 Responses to “EQ2: Celebration in Norrath”

  1. With the guildhalls JUST being released, a brand new expansion on the way, and the GU49 update – I’m glad even if we do just get the same ‘ol thing as last year with new designs for rewards. They work hard enough as it is without me whining about what we’re -not- getting. Time to focus on what we do have.

  2. I dunno Stargrace. I think it’s a matter of opinion and of course, I appreciate your cup half full attitude. At the same time, GU’s they’ve at least released 49 of them. The last 3 expansions have came out at the same time the last 3 years (EoF November 14, 2006, RoK November 13, 2007 SO November 18, 2008) and Halloween’s been around even longer.

    I do believe they are working on the game but, neither the holiday, the GU or the expansion is unexpected. Not only do I think they should be able to do all 3 at the same time, I do think they should be able to do all 3 extremely well without, trying to fast food any of it.

    Ack! My glass is half empty! When did that happen?


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