W101: Keepin’ On, Keepin’ On

I’ve been forsaking some of my quality game time for sleep lately.  I know, what am I thinking?  Bah, I feel pretty awesome right now, that’s what I’m thinking 😉

The game time I have been getting has been spent on Wizard 101.  For a kid’s game there has been a bit of a learn curve for me.  And I am still learning, but having a bunch of fun doing so.  Noah, my now 11 Myth/Life Wizard has been getting acquainted with Wizard City.

I really like the no nonsense approach the developers took in the game that they wouldn’t be able to take if the game was made for adults.  Even the lack of customization can be contributed to “you don’t want to give kids a lot of options.”  You pick your name from a list.  So many first names, and two lists of last names give lets you create a semi unique last name.

In the case of Noah, I didn’t give him a last name at all.  Just by seeing some of the avatars running around there are a few Luke Skywalker’s running around but, you never need worry about Ivana Humpalot trying to corrupt your kids and annoy you.

As, Tipa has mentioned, you can’t trade money or items, only treasured cards.  There is no spammers what so ever.  The worst you get is people asking you to be friends which seems to happen every time I stand still for a few moments.  I never know how to take that and so far I’ve been turning them down.  I think I’m going to start accepting them though just to see what happens.

The fighting is 100% turn base (as I suppose it would have to being a card game), and isn’t what I’d call super fast paced.  The casting animations are typically very fun.  At the lower levels, they get kind of monotonous due to the few spells you have but, by level 11, you have a broader range of cards and your just trying to figure out how to fit what you have in your deck and the combat animations are spread out enough.  I can only imagine what it’s like at higher levels and I can’t wait to get there.

The other thing W101 had me do, which my wife can’t believe and I myself, find it difficult accepting.  I used RMT.  ACK!  See my black cat (his name is Lucky) in the pick above?  Yep, $5.  I still have plenty of crowns left over but, I felt I wanted the cat.  Have no idea what I’ll use the rest of the crowns for but, I’ll probably save them for Christmas (which I’m sure they’ll be offering something).

I seriously have to highly recommend W101, especially for people who may feel a bit burnt out on standard MMO’s.  You’ll have a bit to get use to, especially if you haven’t played card games before, but it seems well worth it.  With their aggressive pricing model (Free unlimited trial, 10.95 subscription, 6.95 for multiple accounts aka a family plan) you really can’t go wrong.


One Response to “W101: Keepin’ On, Keepin’ On”

  1. If you are in a really good fight and it goes well, dole out the friend requests after 🙂 I don’t typically friend people who can’t do open chat, though, because it’s such a pain to use the menu chat system that generally they stay entirely silent (except for a ‘Hi!’ or ‘OK!’) and I just enjoy chatting.

    If we ever meet up in game, I’ll show you some of the higher level battles. A friend of mine was only a couple levels higher than you and helped me do the pretty high level Big Ben instance, and did extremely well in it, too.

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