W101: Family Night

Yesterday, my son brought home a stack of papers the size of a magazine from school.  Every single one of the was an A, so we lifted his restriction for the night.  I finally got to play Wizard 101 as it is meant to be played, as a family.

We all rolled some new toons and the fun ensued.  My son, who has played Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh card games, as well as a bit of the beta of W101, needed no instruction and was hard to keep up with.  In, what felt like a short amount of time, we finished all the quests in Unicorn Way.

My Son as a Fire (left), Me playing Balance (middle), and my Wife as Death (right).

My Son as a Fire (left), Me playing Balance (middle), and my Wife as Death (right).

 Of course, what felt like no time at all actually put us at the boy’s bed time.  So, he hit the hay, and my wife felt that she needed to run around on her own to see how much she actually likes the game.  With that being said I think it may have been an excuse to play the mini games because she seemed to be playing those for hours :-).

I took out my main, Noah, and was able to finish up my Wizard City quests, with the exception of an instance that told me I needed to have a full group for.  So, off to Krokotopia I went.  The first area of Krotopia has a very Egyptian theme to it and so far has been fairly challenging.

Let My People Go!
Let My People Go!

I think I’m finally getting the hang of juggling cards, depending on the classes I’m fighting, and that seems to me like a huge help.  It’s definately made soloing names much easier.

I’m still having a great time.  I’m bummed I’ve been wanting to get a Hecklhound as a pet but, it looks like I still need to clear out a quest before I’m granted access.  But, the journey is always half the fun (if not more).


2 Responses to “W101: Family Night”

  1. Very cool! LOVE that staff!

    Ever seen a Heckhound in action? They start out as a pair of blinking eyes in a small doghouse — then it bursts apart and there’s this HUGE hound in front of you? Kinda the opposite of the Vampire.

  2. Oooooo I’ve got a lot still to look forward to in the game. I can’t wait to see it. Maybe, in a few more levels 🙂

    I’m starting to get in where I’m seeing alot of new effects, especially when joining a fight. And they all seem alot of fun.

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