W101: Pro-Life (Wizard)

Wizard 101 was a heavy activity with my family over your weekend (mine starts tomorrow).  Noah hit 20 and is now in funky Pharaoh gear.  I may be mistaken here but, gear in normal fights aren’t quite as important (at least at this level) as it is in boss fights.

Hes my favorite Honky!  King Tut!

He's my favorite Honky! King Tut!

I find my self shuffling through my deck and gear on boss fights quite a bit and going over strategy in my head, before I engage a boss.  I’ve been having quite a bit of success with this method.

One thing I’ve noticed is that self healing are difficult.  Even with Life as a secondary school, my Myth wizard never seems to get a heal card that he can use when he needs it the most, even with 9 heal cards in his deck.  With that said, I decided to try making a new wizard.

When I first took my wizard test, the game suggested I play Life.  Meh, who needs a pansy, schmancy life wizard?  Apparently, I do 🙂

Meet Digby.  He is my new Life wizard.  To make up for all the heals he gets I went Storm as his secondary.  In the short time I’ve played him, I’ve got him up to 8.  His only deaths have occured fighting that pesky Baron Mordecai.

When playing a Life Wizard, I’ve learned two important aspects of playing a healer in Wizard 101. 1) When given the chose always heal yourself over someone else.  You can “rez” or heal someone with no HP’s, they can’t heal you.  2) An AE heal is basically a Taunt and expect every mob in the fight to aggro you.  You will die shortly after using it, if you have 4 hard hitting mobs in the fight.

Really though, Life/Storm is rocking so far.  Life as a primary gives me a bunch more heals than it does as a secondary.  Storm gives me some good DPS.  It’s definately, two great tastes that taste great together.  I can’t wait to see what he can do at higher levels.


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