W101: Waiting for Servers

First off, is it me or does this character look kind of like Steve Martin?

Wild and Crazy Girl?
Wild and Crazy Girl?

Well, even family games are not immune to down time.  Wizard 101 servers have been down roughly an hour, give or take.  Since, I’m waiting for their servers to come back online and thought I’d come over and post real quick.

My wife and I have been having a blast today leveling up our wizards.  My wife has found a home with her Ice/Life wizard, and I can’t seem to get enough of Life/Storm.  We’re down to Colossus Blvd. quests.  Just a few more and we’ll be done with Wizard City (at least for the most part).

I am glad to see my wife enjoying herself as much as I am.  I was a bit worried at first but, once I saw how she was taking to the mini games I knew it had her in it’s clutches.  Muah-ha-ha!!!

Other than that, my day has been watching episodes of Eli Stone.  That show is different.  My wife loves it so, I thought I’d give it chance.  It’s kept me intrested 5 episodes in.  I guess that’s saying something.

Last thing.  Let’s say you had a racked server just waiting for you to do something with it.  Other than storing pictures for your blog, what would you do with it?  I feel it’s just collecting dust at the moment, and it’s about time I used it.


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