Wizard 101 Update Notes

New Tutorial!

Major changes have been made to the tutorial, including hearing Merle’s voice guiding you through your first spells – you may want to create an additional Wizard to see what adventures Merle has in store for his newest students.

Zeke’s Crowns Items can be Purchased with Gold
Zeke here! I’ve gone Spiral Wide!
I’m letting the local shopkeepers in each world sell my goods!
If you have crowns, you can buy items from me,
and if you have gold, you can buy the same items at the regular shopkeepers.
Sometimes I get special holiday items in, and those items are not available from the shopkeepers, but you just might find the rare one on a boss creature!
Area Access Passes

Hey there Young Wizard! Not a subscriber? Still want to explore other areas of Wizard City and the worlds beyond? Well now you can!

While subscribers can access all areas and content of Wizard101, non-subscribers can now purchase Area Access Passes with Crowns. These Area Access Passes will allow players to enter areas that they’ve earned through advancement and questing, but were previously blocked from because they were not subscribers. Firecat Alley and Nightside are examples in Wizard City of these areas. Each World on the Spiral will have new areas for you to explore. Simply walk up to any street you previously could not access without a subscription and follow the instructions to Buy an Access Pass with Crowns. Once you purchase an area, you won’t ever need to purchase it again on that account.
Don’t have any crowns? You can buy them easily at Wizard101.com.
Quest History

Your quest log has new arrows in it that manually allow you to cycle through a quest with multiple goals, such as Zeke’s Find the Smiths.

There is also a new icon on the quests you have received that will show you the history of that quest.
Click on the yellow quest question mark and a new panel will open.
This panel allows you to see the conversations you’ve had leading up to and during the current quest!
Say Farewell to Spooky Bob and Friends

Hallowe’en is almost over, but Spooky Bob, Jack Hallow and all his brothers will be staying in Wizard City until November 7th. This gives you time to complete your Hallowe’en quests, purchase a Hallowe’en item, explore the Haunted Tower and enjoy all the decorations. Once Spooky Bob and friends have left town, any unfinished Hallowe’en quests will disappear from your Quest Log.
Hopefully we’ll see Spooky Bob back next Hallowe’en, or maybe even sooner!
Other Changes to Note

1. Pixie and Dark Pixie pets should no longer flash pink.
2. Marleybone: Chelsea Court – Your friends can now teleport to you while you are in Chelsea Court, in case you need some help!
3. The Quest Take it by Storm is now something you’ll have to complete on your own. This is now a gauntlet area, and no longer has instance sigils outside. Friends can still teleport to you to help out, but you must enter on your own.
4. Some people previously on your ignore list, may have to be re-ignored.
5. There is a new option in the Options Panel to allow you to limit the tutorial tips you see. This should only be used by advanced Wizards!
6. Your character panel now has a starry background so you can more easily see your clothing.


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