W101: Sneaking Time

Saturday night, before my parents came into town, my wife and I ran through the more difficult Halloween instances before it got removed.  I was pretty excited I got an imp out of it.  Not that it’s a great pet to have but, it’s pretty cool for free.

Last night, we were able to sneak some time in for gaming and kept working on our Krokotopia quest lines.  This is as high as I’ve gotten so I don’t know how much more we have before we reach Marleybone but, we’re having a real good time.

I’ve hit level 22 and now have a Kraken at my disposal.  At the moment it’s kind of over kill on mobs but, the 70% of the time he doesn’t fizzle he completely rocks.

Also, let me throw a welcome to Wizard 101 to Stargrace and Hudson.  I’m sure you guys will enjoy the game and if I can offer any assistance, please let me know.

Other than that, I also re-installed Jedi Outcast for a change of pace.  That’s mostly because Halo was giving me an error on install.  Which I guess is kind of funny because my son is going through both KOTOR and KOTOR 2 simultaneously.  Lot’s of celebration in the house for Old Republic, even though I’m fairly certain I’m burnt out on traditional MMO’s and I think Old Republic will be fairly traditional.  But, I can hope for now.


2 Responses to “W101: Sneaking Time”

  1. Would love to get you added to the friends list (you too Hudson if you read this) – maybe we can set up a place / time to meet and toss out invites? Just hit level 10 tonight, and almost 11. *cheers* Having a blast.

  2. I’ve got you on Xfire Stargrace. Next time I log onto W101 I’ll see if your on and try to set up a meeting 🙂 Happy hunting!

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