Waz A’Matta Me?

I won’t go into all the things that have been keeping me busy the last few days.  That’s not really what this blog is about.  My time for gaming has been limited and this coming week doesn’t look like there will be much time either.  I have been bouncing back and forth from a few things and thought it’s time I gave a bit of an update.

Guild Wars.  It’s loaded in, it’s updating and I’m trying to like the game again.  It’s just not happening.  Scenery is beautiful, leveling and grouping is done easily a la henchmen, good story line, still don’t care.  Been there, done that and it still feels way fast food to me.  Perhaps if I got an expansion and tried something new, maybe then I’d be able to get into it.  As for now, it’s just not happening.

Jedi Outcast.  Kyle Katan just got his lightsaber.  I love watching the cut scenes thinking “These graphics use to be considered really good.”  Game play is still fun though and this story line I’m actually enjoying reliving.  Still not sure how much longer it will be loaded.  Especially since, I was definately enjoying the FPS and now that I’ve got a lightsaber it would be a crime not to use it.

Wizard 101.  I was able to get a pretty good dose of the game yesterday.  My Life/Storm wizard hit 25 I believe and my wife and I are almost done with Krokotopia.  A few more quests and the Krokonomicon will be ours.  Still loving on this game.  I don’t quite understand their Harvest Festival items though.  Spending real money on items that I can only use when I’m putzing around seems kind of like…a bad idea.  Tipa is 100% right when she says there needs to be appearance slots.

I am missing a “serious” MMO though and really don’t know which way to turn here.  First off, financially, I’m hosed because, I’m not willing to give up W101.  Also, there’s absolutely no MMO I can say I’m really interested in playing.  Really that goes with the games that are up the pike to be released anytime soon.  So that kind of leaves me feeling in a gaming limbo.

I feel like every game I’m seeing come out is just a rehash of something I’ve already played.  I’m really hoping to see some kind of “Gaming Renaissance” come along.  Where we’ll start to see a new type of game, something, somewhat unique.  I’m not sure what has made gaming hit the plateau it’s arrived at.  If dreamers are just having the same dreams or if companies aren’t investing in dreamers at all or if dreams just aren’t profitable (that’s what my Dad always told me).

I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed.


2 Responses to “Waz A’Matta Me?”

  1. Welcome to MMO “Heck”

    As you can see, you are not alone. Many of us have all noted our disgruntled nature with the MMO’s of today.

    A lot of us are taking breaks, and rightly so. No game really entices right now.

    Until Spellborn or Aion, we may not see anything worth a darn either.

    Disconnect is the first step. Do not think to load up an MMO of any sort, and just play demos of single player games, or read or watch movies are my suggestion…

    Make a total break for 30 days, and you may be surprised…

    I did, and I already am starting to enjoy my single player games, AND I am itching to get back to an MMO soon.

    Can’t wait.

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