Putzin Around

Belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Things have been going crazy at the Crookshankz household.  I’ve been working on going back to College full time and finally getting a degree, which has been keeping me busy.  Also, we had a holiday trip down to Fort Lauderdale to visit my wife’s family.

I had a cool conversation with one of my wife’s cousin’s, who is making some coin off of Second Life skin’s ect.  I have tried Second Life once or twice and never could really get into it.  Once I figured out it was more a huge chat room and not an actual game, I lost interest.

Game wise not much is going on.  W101 is still tops on my list and I’m hoping to get my main to 30 tonight.  A guy here at work got me trying Rose Online.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to write up my opinions on it or not in a review format.

So far, it’s not my cup of tea but, I do enjoy some mindless entertainment every now and then.

Guild Wars and Jedi Outcast have both fallen to the Meh side.  Guy’s at work pointed me in the direction of Urban Terror.  It’s basically an every man for himself, FPS.  It’s not a bad game but, the server I played on had 25 minute rounds.  Those seemed to last forever.  But, free to download and free to play, if your a FPS fan you should check it out.

So basically, I’m still in the same  spot I was in before.  Still searching for my next game and sort of putzing around untill then.  It’s not as bad as it sounds because, even if I found my game, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it.


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