WoW: Need More Cowbell

I’m not sure if I am developing gaming ADD or if it was sheer boredom that made me download and install WoW’s 10 day free trial.  Honestly I attempted to do the trial of LotRo first but apparently they took off their free trial in celebration of Mines of Moria.

On this attempt at a WoW trial, I decided to go moo cow.

I would have never thought moo cows would be hippies but apparently they are.  But, I’m enjoying going around and hugging trees, and not showering and listening to Joan Baez.

I really don’t feel the need to write a review or impression.  I feel that I’m probably the only person this big into MMO’s that haven’t ever subscribed to WoW.

I will say this though, now is actually a good time for the trial.  I’m thinking all of the goobers are busy playing WotLK leaving the newbie zones fairly empty.  I haven’t been invited to a guild over and over and over again.  Nor have I seen a large group of Night Elves dancing around in their birthday suit.  I’ve actually had a good time.


One Response to “WoW: Need More Cowbell”

  1. It’s really sad how much fun WoW can be. I was having a blast with it myself but the community can kill the game for people really quick. It’s nothing like the community EverQuest has*now*. The fact most of the quests are having your “epic” character perform mindless tasks really shuts off the atmosphere for me.

    Anyway, nice site =D, hope ya don’t mind me adding you to my link list on mine!

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