Crookshankz See, Crookshankz Do

Smell that?  It’s called breathing room and I haven’t had enough of it lately.  Gaming has been kind of slack lately.   My WoW trial is over and done.  W101 hasn’t done much for me.  I think I mentioned Rose Online was suggested to me by a friend.

I actually think the graphics are nice but man a ton of grinding.  So, it gets a Meh.

And then there’s Tipa.  That dastardly, wonderful writer over at  West Karana.  If you know this blog, then you know her and her equally dastardly, wonderful writing on DOMO.  I read that, and I’m thinking, “Bah, it looks like your playing a cartoon.  I’ll never play that”

So, now that I’ve got a toon to level 14, I actually like the game.  (I’m such a lemming)

The End


2 Responses to “Crookshankz See, Crookshankz Do”

  1. I feel like such an enabler 😛

  2. Ha! You are…but don’t ever change 🙂

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