Six Lives of Crookshankz

Since the last time I’ve blogged two items have popped up that I should comment on.  Of course all the in depth analysis has happened on many other blogs, I shall just give my very brief views.

SOE and RMT = Meh.


SW:TOR video = need more to make any real decision.

whew…that took a lot out of me.  I may need to nap soon.  Before I do, I’ve been wanting to make a write up on my thoughts on DOMO.  I have been playing it quite a bit of it lately. I think because it’s a free game and it has cartoony graphics it causes you to underestimate its complexity.  Due to its complexities let me give you a brief run down of my activities and what has caused me to remake my toon over and over again.  I call this:

The NineSix Lives of Crookshankz

Life 1
Picked my race as human and felt very scrawny.

Life 2
Picked my race as Shura and felt stumpy

Life 3
Figured out that DOMO puts “Length” under each body part.  So if you make your head, arms, chest, legs and feet all the same length I wouldn’t be so stumpy.

Life 4
Read that if I should point my harvesting stats each level in order for me to get all the skills.  At this point I only had 3 pointed at level 10 and it wouldn’t allow me to point more.

Life 5
Realized that even though I could change jobs as much as I like, I could only get armor and weapons twice without paying for it.  That left my toon in a either in two jobs I didn’t care for or naked.

Life 6
Well, this is where I’m at now.

The line for a GM event

The line for a GM event

It’s been a fun time playing DOMO.  They are having their 1 year anniversary so they have been giving away prizes and having various contests.  I joined a guild and a person was nice enough to give me a pet.  It was an egg and I have hatched him.

Me in a temporary Party Hat

Me in a temporary Party Hat

One thing definitely to note is that it seems everyone, and I mean everyone, is in RMT gear for their appearance.  I find that crazy as the gear can run $20 for one outfit.  That’s typically not stats, just appearance.  They look real cool but jeez that seems expensive for just an appearance.


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