TV and Books

I have gamed lately about as much as I’ve blogged.  I blame the time of year personally.  Not only have I been enjoying some other forms of entertainment, I’ve also got some good stuff done. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my work sending me back to college for a TCP class.  I am very pleased to announce that I made an A in the class but, it also encouraged my wife and me to go back to College.  The sweet thing is all my Gen. Ed classes were taken back in 92-93 so, other than 1 College Algebra class, all other classes will be computer related (SCHWEET).  Since I’ve been doing this kind of work for9 years now, I’m hoping most of those classes will be more refresher but we’ll see how it goes.

Other than that and a sprinkle of Christmas shopping thown in, my time has mostly been spent watching a few shows.  I made the mistake of catching the end of Celebrity Rehab.  Gah, what a train wreck that is.  Needless to say I’ve devoured the whole series in 3 days. 

The only other two shows I really watch are Heroes and Eli Stone. 

Both of which have had some declining story lines but, the last episodes of both were pretty good.

Really, I can’t wait for the Doctor Who Christmas Episode.  I can’t wait.

Also, I remember the next Harry Dresden book comes out in April.  I’m weird when it comes out to book sequels.  I feel I need to reread the prior books befor I pick up the new book.  That’s usually not too big of a deal when there’s only  a handful of books in the series.  But, I think Dresden series is about to come out with it’s twelth book.  That’s a lot of books to read, especially if I’m going back to be a full time student, with a full time job and a full time family.  I figured to move those books ahead of the current books I’ve been sitting on especially, if I plan on finishing it by April.

To give myself a head start I skipped rereading Storm Front and Full Moon.  Knocked out Grave Peril in 2 days and have already started on book 4, Summer Knight.  All the Dresden books are awesome.  If you are a fan of funny and action, I’d really recommend them.


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