Atlantica Online

After blogging the other night I putzed around the web for a bit.  I noticed over at that, at least on that night, Atlantica Online was the number one rated MMO.  I’ve been trying a bunch of different free play MMO’s lately so, I thought I’d give it a shot.

My first download was corrupted,  so was my second.  Third time was the charm and I was finally able to install it around midnight last night.  I logged in and made a toon but, had to go to bed immediately afterwards.

The only thing I can report is that customization is extremely limited.  3 is the magic number in the game as well.  3 faces, 3 hair styles, 3 hair colors.  They do offer quite a few classes (but 1 race).  DOMO has taught me that, lack of customization at character creation doesn’t necessarily mean anything but, I won’t know that for sure until I actually get a chance to dig into the game.

Hopefully that will be tonight.


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