AO and VG

I consider the few hours I spent in Atlantica Online less than spectacular.  The turned based fight mixed with henchmen is just….weird.  Basically, you have to hire out henchmen who are invisible until you start fighting.  In a fight all the mobs line up in an extremely orderly fashion as do you and your henchmen.  Then one by one all the good guys get a turn beating on a mob.  Once everyone does or the time runs out for your turn, the mobs get to return the favor.  Rinse and repeat until everyone is dead.

Unfortunately I was less than impressed.  I only played up to level four which didn’t take too long to get to.  I still have it installed as of right now and plan to go give it another chance but, my initial impression wasn’t very strong to say the least.

I did get an email advertisement from SOE asking me to play Vanguard free until January 31.  Vanguard was one of those games, much like Atlantica Online, that I logged into and thought I’d go back to but never did.  Instead it was forgotten about during many a late night gaming binges with EQ2.  I have somewhat kept up with it from different websites and know the game has underwent a lot of change.

So after my 20 gig download, I logged in my highest level toon: a level 4 wood elf druid.  (4 must be my magic number for levels)  He’s in the Wood Elf starter area.  I ran around quite a bit and knocked out a few quests.  Got him to the grand level of 6.  At that point I decided I should make another character just to try different flavors of the game.

I remembered reading that Shaman’s were suppose to be the bee’s knee’s so I decided to give one a whirl.  Isle of Dawn?  Oh ya, that’s the new(ish) noobie island.  Let’s see what that has to offer.

I logged in and my wolf doggie shaman is actually geared up and ready to go.  As far as newbie islands go, this one doesn’t seem so bad.  It definitely doesn’t have the flow that EQ2’s RoK starter area has but, quests are readily available and one does usually lead you into others as long as you keep your eyes peeled.

So far my biggest down side to the game is some of the graphic glitches I get.  I can’t tell if they are something with how the game plays on my computer or issues with the game itself.  Basically if I’m looking at items on the vendor, it dresses my character in that item so you can see what it looks like (which I like) but, if I walk away from the vendor with that look, I still see myself wearing it.  Also, for some reason, my mace seems to change it’s appearance out of the blue.  It switches from 2 or 3 different styles.  Not a deal breaker but, it does hit a pet peeve of mine.

All in all though, it has been nice to play especially after playing so many free mmo’s.  I found a nice shared dungeon area fighting a bunch of blue meanies hobgoblins.  That area gave me a bit of EQ1 deja vu for some reason.  I had a blast there.  ACK!  Just writing about it is making me jones a bit.  Off to the grind!


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