Ryzom, Game of Choices?

I am sure just like all of you who may be reading this, a few times a week (or daily depending on what is going on) I hit the blogs and websites looking for the happenings of the MMO world.  In doing so I ran across this article over at Massively about Ryzom.  It was enough to peek my interest and lead me over to Eurogamer for the full article. 

After reading it I decided why not give Ryzom a try (I seem to be trying everyother game).  I will try not to reiterate the whole story here but, definitely I find many of his observations accurate.

After downloading,, the game had a very hard time logging in and wasn’t wanting to adjust its resolution very well, often locking up before it would zone in for me.  After opening a few ports (which weren’t necessary but, I tend to follow troubleshooting steps), closing ports and finally uninstalling, deleting, rebooting, and reinstalling the game started running much better but, it still will hang every now and then during loading. 

At character creation the game offers a “Info” button which will give you the background of each civilization.  I found myself skimming  them all over and decided to create the fun loving Tryker.  I enjoyed customizing my avatar, and thought that the options offered for customizing were better than quite a few other games out there.  You do get to pick between fighter, magic, crafter and harvesting at the very beginning of the game.  As stated in the Eurogame article you can train up all the class options.   You are not limited and your character levels up more to your play style.  Instead of 1 over all level of your character, each class is listed and ranked such as “14/50” and it goes from there.

Questing is very standard as “Kill 10 <whatevers> but, what I really enjoy is there are no rats, or snakes, or wolves.  So far every mob I’ve seen off the starter area are all unique.  It is more like, kill 10 things that kind of look like a turtle with a skin for a shell, and a beak where it’s head should be that runs really fast.  In the time I’ve played, running around just to look at the unique MOB’s have been really enjoyable.

The article kind of bashed their crafting system.  Personally, I enjoy it.  Crafting kind of goes like this.  When you level crafting up you get skill points (that’s standard for all the classes) that you spend at a crafting trainer.  You buy recipe’s and crafting options (that are used in your stanza’s).  Then you open a recipe window, select the recipe and create.  Brainless right?  Not quite though.  The challenge is selecting the material and figuring out what is what.  Each recipe has a few different slots like: cloth, lining, and so forth.  You have to fill the slots with different material, which decides what kind of item you get in return.  Once you start purchasing the crafting options, you can start adding bonus’s to the items you craft.  That is something else I’ve spent a lot of time tinkering with.

Stanza’s are used in pretty much all aspects of the game.  Don’t like your healing spell?  Why don’t you change it then?  Because you can.  So far the game seems to be a ton of options just waiting to happen. 

I’m still fairly early in the game and quite possibly too early in the game to make a super informed decision on it.  So far I’ve had the most fun just running around and looking at things.  I’ve also enjoyed the challenge of figuring things out.  I have surprised myself and crafting is my highest leveled class set so far.  I’m still a few levels away from having a few options on building my stanza’s.  But, I really look forward to it.  If the game turns out to be how it appears, it will be a game of options and I am a huge fan of options.


2 Responses to “Ryzom, Game of Choices?”

  1. Very cool, looking forward to reading about your adventures in Ryzom. It’s a game I’ve always wanted to try, but it’s been tough to fit it into my schedule 😛

  2. I’m going to have to say Tipa. So far the game is absolutely awesome and is worth your time if you get a chance.

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