Ryzom: Instant Fighter, Just Add Sword

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.  Spore, a new Kirby game for the DS and a few decks of Magic: The Gathering made their way into the Crookshankz household this holiday season.  They are for my son but, I may have to accidentally borrow them. 🙂  I’ll let you know my thoughts.

Ryzom is still rocking and I’m really enjoying it.  I’m currently level 21 in both offensive and defensive magic, 14 in fighting, 16 in crafting and 12 in foraging.  Money has been extremely easy to come by and I haven’t found myself wanting for anything.  I read in chat that you’re allowed 1 mount and 3 pack animals once you hit the mainland, so I’m assuming things will get very pricey later in the game.  (It just sounds expensive, doesn’t it?)

Crookshankz the Caster

Crookshankz the Caster

When you start off on the island, I have found you are able to get a maximum of 4 quests.  Each quest is the beginning of a quest progression for the classes.  You get the quests from the main trainers in the camp you start off on.

They all are solo-able but, prepare to die a lot on predator animals that roam around in packs.  You can pretty much sit and watch to tell the difference between the herds of herbivores and the packs of predators.

Crookshankz the Fighter

Crookshankz the Fighter

Every time you level a class, you receive skill points.  These skill points are used to make purchases from vendors for that particular class.  Part of the quest lines involve purchasing certain skills.  Part of the fighter quest line was to purchase a skill (think spell) Accuracy.  Basically, it helps you hit more.  I also purchased one for Additional Damage.

While fighting Javas, I was getting annoyed.  Javas are one of the few animals that aggro and will also come to help when others are being attacted.  Also, the buggers disarm. 

Java Meets Sword

Java Meets Sword

I found I could use accuracy and hit them a little more often but do my normal damage or I could use the additional damage skill and miss more. How dumb is that right?  Well, why don’t I make a new spell that includes both?  I made a stanza, appropriately called “Try This”, and included both spells in them.  Those Javas never knew what hit them.


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