Ryzom: Still Smitten

I have spent most of my time today bouncing back and forth between work and Ryzom.  I’m extremely pleased to say that my stats keep raising up.  I was able to finish my Magic Quest line and have 3 more quests for fighting and 4 more Crafting and Foraging.

The magic quest line wasn’t too hard to solo but, did require patience.  Even with that, I died many times.  Much like EQ1 there are such things as death penalties in Ryzom.  So far it hasn’t been too bad and just a few kills, it all goes away.

My Fighting questline brings me to a point where I think a group is going to definitely be needed.  Trying to pull one “Goo Head” (yes, that’s what they are called) pulls 5 no matter how I try to work it.

As far as Foraging and crafting, I can’t promise I’ll finish those quest lines.  I find crafting quite enjoyable but, it is so dependant on foraging.  Foraging is very time consuming to find your nodes.  Sometimes, nodes are visible, and it’s just a matter of harvesting them.  Most of the time, you have to “Prospect”.  Which is hunting the does down under the earth and bringing them to the surface before you can harvest them up.  Also, some nodes can release poison, which will kill you if your trying to watch tv while harvesting (YIKES). I think time has to be spent going over the harvesting skills I can buy to see if they can make the whole process faster.

I asked today if I could repoint my skills.  If I was a defensive caster and wanted to change to a offensive caster, I thought that should be an option.  The response I got was No, but there were plenty of points to get every casting skill out there.  I was told in open chat that only range fighting dps and crafting were the only two classes (if you want to call them that) that you didn’t have enough skill points for all the skills available.  I was surprised by that and I’m really looking forward to see more.

On a down side, I do get this weird bug out of the game.  It wants to freeze up during the logging in process roughly 50% of the time.  I can get to character select, but once I’m logging into the game, the complete bar will fill all the way up to the last square and then it putz out on me.  I’ve done a bunch of troubleshooting on my own and finally broke down to post on Ryzom’s forum.  We’ll see how it goes.


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