Ryzom: Down Sides?

Managed to squeeze in some time in Ryzom.  I think I’ve figured out a good chunk of what I’m doing.  I managed to finish my quest lines for fighting, magic and crafting.  I still have a few harvesting quests to do.

Harvesting is what I’m having the toughest time with.  It is a beast.  All the nodes look the same so you really don’t know what your getting until you start getting it.  Also, many of the nodes are buried so “Prospecting” helps bring those hidden nodes up.  Of course, prospecting eats up my Focus (think mana for harvesting).  Then you have the joy of some nodes being filled with poison gas.  Harvesting can be can actually kill you in game if you are not paying attention.

For my fighting quest line I was able to solo all but, the last quest.  I made a call out and got someone willing to help me.  I got in a conversation with him on how the mainland was.  The toon that helped me was this guy’s alt.  I’m not sure what level his main was.  I began to question him on the rest of the game.  What he said made me raise an eyebrow.

There are quests in the mainland.  Those quests give no XP and no rewards worth having.  You do get fame that is used as faction that allows you to use some of the luxeries of that faction (think teleporters, merchants, ect)  I was told explore around, find a good, active guild and that I would have a good time.  Also, if I was nervous about leaving the island to keep my main there, make a new toon and just go to the mainland at level 1.

I’ve decided today, I’m going to run my main toon over there.  I must admit that I’m very nervous about the game now.  At the same time, I don’t think I can give up on it yet.  I keep complaining about MMO’s just copying other MMO’s.  Now I found one that seems different and it’s that difference and how it effects higher levels that have me concerned.  I’m just going to have to try it and find out for myself.

And besides, the mainland is where all the content is.  If I hate the mainland, I’ll hate the content and thus a majority game won’t be actually enjoyable.  Why would I want to play that?


One Response to “Ryzom: Down Sides?”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the holiday wishes and for this write up! I had never heard of Ryzom before . . . interesting. Adding you to my feed.


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