Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I have found looking back at my blog very interesting.  I’m proud to say I’ve almost kept it a full year with semi regular updates.  Looking back I see my blogging start in the middle of my EQ2 love.  As the story progresses you see me falling out of love with it.

2008 has been a year of trying all different sorts of MMO’s.  All of them had some elements that I really liked, some elements I really hated but, all in all I have to say that trying them have made me much more in tune with my likes and dislikes.

I do wish I could be writing that I have found the perfect MMO for me or one that is close to perfect but at least as of now, I that’s not happened.  But, I am still searching and maybe one day.  I am sure that I just expect too much for my gaming dollar.

2009 looks like less than a spectacular year for MMO’s which is actually fine.  I’ve enrolled back into college full time and wouldn’t be able to dedicate quality time into any game anyways.  So I plan to keep trying as many games as I need until I can find a good quality time sink to my likings, keep reading a ton of gaming blogs and keep on, keeping on.

Happy hunting and Happy New Year


2 Responses to “Looking Back, Looking Ahead”

  1. Have you played Conquer Online? It’s pretty nuts, although i prefer WoW

  2. No I sure haven’t. Consider it being checked out now tho 🙂

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