Tabula Rasa and Ryzom

Happy New Year’s everyone.  I hope everyone finds themselves blessed in one way or the other this year.

The holidays have left me busy, as I am sure it has everyone else.  My family are making their way back home today so, it should free up a bit of game time for me.  I did read a post some time ago by OpenEdge1 mentioning Tabula Rasa was free to play.  I filed that info in the back of my head and finally acted on it Dec 29th.  I installed it, and then, watched the intro video.   I then, installed it on my son’s computer and had him watch the video.

His head exploded.

After cleaning up the mess we started playing it together.  Had a blast.  This game is right up his alley.  It has a very cool feature where MOBs raid certain bases and take control of them.  You can defend them or try to recapture them.  We spent hours doing that.

The game on it’s own isn’t a keeper for me.  I can see that now.  It’s not like I think it’s a horrible game, I just know it’s a game my wife would never, ever get into and that in itself gives the game a limited life for me.  I’ll keep it as long as the boy enjoys it and then probably call it quits.

I think I see the issues with Ryzom, now that I made it to the main isle.  I’ve found that I find a bunch of quest givers.  They all seem to give the same 15 or so quests.   It’s like, so many harvesting quests, so many crafting quests and so many fighting quests.  Those quests give no xp, very little dappers (in game currency) and just seem so random.  The fighting quests seem to be for things that are extremely difficult for my level.  Probably meant for groups but, the zone has been completely empty the few times I’ve logged in.

Ryzom is definitely a game of freedom.  You can MAKE your own spells.   Heck, you can even make your own zones.  But at the same time, your not really given much in the means of direction.  It seems to me like Ryzom, more than any other game I’ve played has the potential to be that “something different” I’ve been looking for.  It has all the components.  But, it’s missing that thing that pulls them all together.

That could change at higher levels but, after reading the Eurogamer review, I think I see why people joke about others leaving after 3 weeks of play.


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