So Many Games, So Litte Hard Drive Space

I’m not sure what’s going on with me and the weekends.  It seems like I’m downloading a new game every weekend.  Last week it was Tabula Rasa, the week before was Ryzom, and before that was Vanguard.  This week it seems to be The Chronicles of Spellborn.

I downloaded it and started to install just to find out that my freaking hard drive was full.  80 gigs doesn’t hold as much as it use to and I’m just 3 clicks away from having a new one mailed out to me.

So this leave’s me with a decision: What to uninstall?  Tabula Rasa is out of the question.  My son’s eyes get way to big when he plays that game.  W101 is installed but stays because I’m actually paying for the subscription and that is another family game.  I also have DOMO installed but, that game is fairly small on my computer and is a great time sink.  Ryzom, has too much potential to quit completely on it.  I still plan to spend a few more hours of game time in there.  However, the free time in this game is suppose to end soon so I better get in there while I can.  That leaves Vanguard with the short straw.  At least for now.  I do plan to pick up EQ2 soon and perhaps the Station Pass will give me the opportunity to see what life will be like outside of the beginning area for my Shaman.

So as I tippity-type away, I have Spellborn installing on my machine.  Then I’ll do a quick defrag and see what this game is all about.


3 Responses to “So Many Games, So Litte Hard Drive Space”

  1. haha! Your hard drive sounds like mine does. Best of luck with spellborn!

  2. Ryzom is a fine game.

  3. A terrific article, and one which players like me like to read day
    in and month out!

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