Hmmmm, Maybe Not

Where we last left our hero (or maybe just me) he had cleaned out Vanguard from his hard drive to install TCoS.  Consider it installed.  But I should have paid attention that TCoS is in Beta and duh, I don’t actually have a Beta invite so we can scratch that idea.  I’m sitting in pending at the moment so we’ll see.  I’ll leave it installed on my computer just in case (sorry Vanguard).

Last night the action in form of Wizard 101.  My wife and I logged in our level 29 Wizards and headed over to finish our Hyde Park quests.  I think we still have a few more to hit and then we should be able to move over the next area of Marleybone.

Right now I am off.  Work conned red to me today and I need to go take some aggression out on smaller, weaker, computerized mobs.


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