Star Wars Geek On!

My son and I have been on this huge Star Wars kick watching all the movies and most of the cartoons in chronological order.  It got me wondering how The Old Republic are planning to do Jedi’s. 

Back in The Phantom Menace the Jedi Council thought young Anakin, at age 9 was too old to begin training (well, that was their first excuse).  So if Anakin was age 9 and too old to begin training as a Jedi, how are they going to explain allowing your adult avatar to just beginning to learn the Jedi ways?

My issue with this is, if your Jedi character has been training since an early age, then how can you be level 1 with no powers yet still have been training since before the age of 9?

If we look at the Star Wars Video games, I thought it could shed some light on it.  Kyle Katarn first received a vision of jedi Qu Rahn, who explained his Jedi heritage from his father in Dark Forces.  As the game progresses, Kyle sort of teaches himself.  Until, in later games he is finally taught by Luke.

In KOTOR your character is extremely Force sensitive.  That is picked up by one of the Jedi’s in your group, until you are brought before the Jedi Council.  Then you are given quests to complete until they agree to your training.

I’m not sure if the subject was even touched in SWG after the update that sent people working on becoming force sensative running for the hills.

Both those scenarios would be weak in an MMO situation.  Then what?  Every person playing a Jedi are special exceptions?  WEAK.

The only thing I can think of that would make sense, (other than starting your character out as a child and watching him grow.  Chia-Jedi) is if the game started before the Jedi Council put an age limit on training.  Or if the game starts before there actually is a Jedi Council.  However it goes though, I plan to find out when the game is release.  I’ve got a lot of faith in Lucas/Bioware, and if they can capture the greatness that they found in KOTOR, then the game will definitely be a winner.


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