The Playing of Pullo

I am a big fan of opposites when it comes to gaming.  I like my tanks small, my casters dumb and my dps weak.  With that said, I guess it just makes sense I made my Shadow Knight a Ratonga.  I enjoyed him very much for the most part and I leveled him up to 80.  When RoK came out he was about lvl 67ish.  So he was a little behind my friends rushing up to level 80 but, not far off.

I had a lot of success with tanking him.  Pre-70 I didn’t run into any tanking at all and my SK and my wife’s Nerco were taking ^^^ heroic’s when that meant something.  What I did find though, was around 75 I started working extra hard to hold my aggro.  When I hit 80 and started running instances with people wearing raid gear or extra Masters I could forget holding aggro all together.

Even when they were concious on aggro control, some players could still pull aggro, at least temporarily.

My last straw was running with a Necro,Bruiser, Ranger and a few others through CoA.  The necro was playing his new Tank pet, the ranger wasn’t waiting for me to pull.  I lost aggro every single fight.  I was livid even though we survived with no deaths but the zone in itself was a nightmare for me.  And I asked what was going on.

The answer was, you play your SK extremely well but, bottom line they stink as a tank.  I heard that almost the whole time I leveled.  Even when I held aggro the entire zone.  At that time I just figured people weren’t playing with SK’s who didn’t know how to tank.  But now, every time I played with people in good gear or a few masters, I always lost aggro.

With all that, it was when I finally camped my SK up and only logged him in for vending and crafing purposes.  I always loved my SK but, he seemed way too gimp.

I was raiding when I saw the only super awesome SK play.  We were in Shard of Hate and we picked up a guy.  When he joined the group he asked that no one put any hate buffs on him because he’d rip aggro off the tank.  “Ha” I remember thinking.  So after he ripped aggro off the tank the first few times, the tank started working a bit harder on holding his aggro and the SK started waiting a little longer before he unleashed.

That SK was amazing.  On the few raids we did together, he was always on the top 5 DPS every time.  Most of the time, he was #1 by at least 1k DPS.

Myself being an inquisitive mouse asked him how he did it.  He credited his gear.  This guy spent more time farming for gear than I probably played all my level 80’s together.  Each peice was well thought out and farmed for.  And to examine him, he had gear I had only heard rumors of existing.

Now, that is all fine and dandy and I was truely impressed by him as a whole but, I’m a firm believer that I shouldn’t have to farm 200 game hours to get geared up good enough to do what the class was suppose to be made to do.  You could hit the class forums and find a ton of posts agreeing with me in one fashion or the other.  No posts from the Dev’s on those except a few old one’s saying SK’s were working as intended.  Discouraging.

That is why I was so excited yesterday and when I hit the forums and read this post.  Basically it gives update notes and a bunch of comments.  The update notes go as follows:


Taunts and detaunts can now critical similar to how melee and spell criticals work.
Threat output and hate position changes will now be displayed to the chat windows. You can find it under Combat in the Hate Adjustment category.
Hate gain mods will no longer affect taunt adjustments.
Area of effect spells and combat arts will no longer spread hate to encounter members when damage is applied.


Enchance: Anguish will now increase the base damage of the combat art appropriately.



The Dark Caress and Unholy Weapon lines have merged into the offensive and defensive stances.

Defensive stance line will lower damage but increase threat output.

Offensive stance boosts damage slightly but reduces hate gain.

Sickening Circle will also increase threat now.
The Kick line now has a threat component.

Now that’s hot.  Since I returned, I’ve been leveling up my zerker.  After seeing this, I think I’m going to have to try out my SK to see how he’s tanking now.  Of course, 5 months ago my guild didn’t have enough tanks to run multiple groups so my zerker came out of what I felt was a need.  Since I was gone my guild has grown huge and we seem to have plenty of tanks.  But, that’s a different blog.

Over the next bit, I’m going to start working on remembering how to play my SK, and run him through a few zones to see if his aggro control is better.  Also, his gear is pretty stinky.  I’m going to have to figure out how I can get rid of those Mastercrafted/Legendary quested gear and try to get some decent drops for him.

Will keep you posted.  Happy Hunting.


One Response to “The Playing of Pullo”

  1. Well welcome back to EQ2!

    It’s not only that upcoming gu51 that has some neat changes, but in November when the expansion was released, Sks were completely revemaped.

    They are complete bad asses now 🙂 You’ve been missing out!

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