EQ2: Dingin’ Like a Dinner Bell

I really think going back to college, even at my age is definitely the right thing to do, college algebra has put a firm foot print on my behind.  The last time I took algebra, the rest of my current class was 5 and I hate being showed up by a bunch of kids.  So, I’m finding any free time spent mostly on studying math.  But at least for the moment, if I study any more I’m pretty sure my head will explode.  (Side note: The kids in my A+ class can kiss my butt, I’ve been doing tech work for 10 years and I’ve got a firm grasp on it! 🙂

So with all that going on, my game time has been slim to say the least.  My limited game time has been spent back in EQ2.  My thoughts with EQ2 go something like this.

WTH, I’m gone for 5 months and it goes to hell in a hand basket.  I’m gaining levels so fast.  DING, YEAAA I LEVELED, I’M NUMBER 1.  Stupid game, I can’t believe just doing a few quests is getting so much xp.  This game is so easy a baby could do it.  DING!  W0000T ANOTHER LEVEL, THIS ROCKS!! I AM SOOOO AWESOME!!!

And that process just repeats the entire time I’m playing.  It seems they’ve nerfed how tough mobs are (at least in Enchanted Lands and Everfrost).  Let them give out xtra xp and then I get an XP bonus for every toon I have at level 80 (which is 3).  Then you still get your vitality bonus.  And that is just ridiculous.  If I wasn’t having such a good time leveling, I’d be blasting the game hard core right now.  But dang it, leveling is such fun.  (I’m half American Indian and half English, so I’m use to being conflicted like this.)’

I’d like to complain about all the mobs in Everfrost not being heroic anymore but, the xp they give off are better than what the heroic mobs use to give and now the zone is easily soloable.  Now, I’m just waiting to see when this crazy leveling will stop.  I believe I read one of the game update notes that stated regular zone bonus’ will stop at level 50 or if I get to ride this gravy train all the way up to 80.

I did get to buy TSO expansion and I did activate it but, I still haven’t even tried to do any quests or zones out of it.  I’ve played my SK some but, that was mentoring my wife.  Other than that, and checking brokers, I haven’t really played any of my max level toons.

Other than EQ2 I dabled in some Age of Empires 3.  That is about all 15 minutes worth of game time and it’s filed away untill I get some free time.  Also, I’ve joined in for Ether Saga’s beta.  I’m really hoping this will be a DOMO/ROSE hybrid kind of game but, I should know more in roughly a week or so.

Oh, and did you see the new video on The Old Republic.  HOOOOTTTT.  It made my nip’s pointy.  I really, really hope that this game turns out as good as Bioware is making it sound.


One Response to “EQ2: Dingin’ Like a Dinner Bell”

  1. I must say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but that’s just my opinion, which could be wrong.
    p.s. You have an awesome template . Where have you got it from?

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