Wii Love It!

After saving a bit of money and figuring out how to get money from my paypal account into my bank account, I decided to go pick up a Wii.  My wife, kid and myself loaded in the truck and ran out to our local Wal-Mart.  There the last one, was going out the door.  Just sold.

Next door at Target though, they had 5.  Picked up the Wii, the Wii Play (the one that comes with the extra controller) and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (the Wii Fit is coming after more saving).  W00t!!

Got home and set it up with relative ease.  We did have an incident where the Wii did a Double summersault dive off our coffee table, bounced off a book bag and smacked into the floor.  It scored low on the dive (5, 5.5 and a 7) and sent everyone into a bit of hysteria but, seems to work fine.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has been a blast.  I feel horrible killing wookies but using my controller as a lightsaber is completely awesome.  My son is compeletely in love with the game.  I think he dreams of playing the game while he sleeps.

Just thinking back to the Atari 2600 and getting that system.  I had a great time and a bad case of what we called back then as “Gamer’s Thumb” where my thumb was so sore it hurt to use a pencil.  Now, two days after getting the Wii I have “Gamer’s Sore Upper Body”.

I’ve played a bunch of Wii Baseball.  Using the controller as a bat and ball is just incredible.  I can’t stop hooking my bowling ball in the bowling game.  Tennis has given me tennis elbow.  And I’m loving all of it.  Of course my wife makes fun of me when I as where the Ben Gay is.  Jeez I feel old.


One Response to “Wii Love It!”

  1. I’ll pick you up some BenGay next time I run to the store 🙂

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