EQ: The EQ Bug Cons Red

SOE definitely did some good with the trial of Everquest.  It’s the same tutorial they put in during the end of my initial EQ obsession but, they made it a small quick download which was nice.  My wife and I downloaded it fairly quickly and didn’t have a horrible update time.

It felt like in a blink of the eye we had a level 1 Beast Lord and Shaman up and going and the Mines of Gloomingdeep was our oyster.  Hmmm…how do you play this game again.  Yikes, I was feeling like a noob in noobville.  I felt quite abash on the amount of time it took me to stop trying to use the WASD keys and move over to the arrow keys to try and move.

But in no time, we were on our way into the cave system that makes up the Mines.  I’d have to say it was just a three or four quests into our gaming session when I heard my wife yell.  I looked over to find the EQ Bug had bitten her all over her culo.  Ouch.

By the time we got up to level 6, it had bitten me a few times myself.  Needless to say once again SOE is about to get a peice of my hard earned paycheck.

Worth noting here is the amount of time involved for us to level.  Let me give you a comparison.  I recently did the Age of Conan trial.  I played it for maybe two and a half hours, I’m level 7.  EQ, My wife and I played 6-8 hours that day and made it to level 8.  Definitely part of our EQ time was trying to remember how to play and what does that button do.  I’m sure our second time around, things won’t take as long.  But just a reminder of how involved the game can be.

I guess the question is now, when we make our toons do we make them on our old server Cazic Thule or I believe there is a rather friendly Nostalgia guild, that has at least two of my favorite bloggers (if not more) over on Luclin (I think).


4 Responses to “EQ: The EQ Bug Cons Red”

  1. Well, Nostalgia hasn’t been very active in EQ for some time now, with most of us spanning across multiple games – but that’s not to say that others may not return or that there’s not a home there. Always is. It’s just not that busy lately.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the new 50/51 server that will be opening up (I believe) around Fan Faire. If you’re looking for a high population server, that may be the one for you once you become familiar with the game again on a regular server.

  2. Yeah, my EQ time is actually mostly spent on my previous server, Erollisi Marr, these days. I do plan on trying out the 51/50 server, and if I find a nice community, staying.

    That said, if you are on Erollisi Marr or Luclin and want to group up… ;^)

  3. I’d love too Tipa but, I think you’ve probably got quite a few levels on me.

  4. That’s what shrouds are for (and alts)!

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