EQ: Where Did Salix Go?

When returning to a game after a long absence, I guess I’m react like anyone else does.  I first go through my already created toons in order to “take inventory”.  I want to see where my toons are, what they have and what they need.  So I must stay I was in a nice state of panic when I first logged into Cazic Thule in EQ and found I was missing a handful of toons.

Let me explain.  The last time I tried to get back into EQ I was on SOE’s station pass.  One of the perks of station pass is to give you a few extra toon slots, which apparently I used.  Now that I resubscribed with just a normal subscription, those toons went bye-bye.  SOE’s method of picking the toons were Alphabetical.  So, I still had my level 3 Rogue Horgad but, my level 53 Druid was nowhere to be found.

I know what you’re thinking <pttthhhrrrppp> 53 druid…just remake him.  Just keep in mind that is 53 EQ levels and it took him way more than just a couple weeks to hit.  Plus he had his leaf blower (Epic weapon).  I think that alone took 3 months for me to get.

Panic Button was now pressed.  But, I remember the old GI Joe cartoons that told me to “Use your head, don’t loose your head.”  And then I proceded to panic a bit more.  Lucky though, sometimes I is smarter than I thinks.  I went and removed some items off my Rogue and deleted him. 


My next toon appeared.  Rinse and repeat and finally my important toons were where they needed to be.


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