EQ: A Serious Thought (for a change)

I have this theory I cam up with once.  It states that everything is always changing and nothing is truly stagnate.  This is why the saying “Once you leave, you can never go home again” is true.  Home is a different place and you are a different person.

In this case, Everquest seems to be a different game and I am a different gamer.

That came to mind when I first zoned into the Plane of Knowledge.  Empty.  7 people in the zone.  With time the popularity of EQ has diminished and I am sure is a different game than the paintings of it I have kept in my mind.  I knew it would be like this when I resubscribed but, it still makes me a bit sad.

The difference between knowing and seeing.  I know the ending of Ole Yeller but, that doesn’t stop me from getting a bit teary eyed every time I watch it.

But, it is just a step in the evolutionary process.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t enjoy the game.  It just means that I won’t be waiting at the Main Bank for a MGB any time soon.  There is still a sparkle in the game, it’s just moved and I intend to find it.

Now can someone please tell me how to get to Paludal Cavern?


3 Responses to “EQ: A Serious Thought (for a change)”

  1. “With time the popularity of EQ has diminished”

    You may actually be surprised – you may notice that people don’t hang out in PoK any more looking for MGB’s just like people don’t hang out in the tunnel in EC any more and have a bazaar – but if you head to the guild lobby, you’ll easily see a huge mass of people hanging out there instead, doing their MGB’s.

    I don’t know about your specific server, but there are easily 400+ people still playing on Drinal every evening if you count those in channels / lobby and the bazaar. Sure, the population has diminished that can be said about every game, but you can still find the masses, you just need to know where to look.

  2. Yeah — the guild lobby is the EQ gathering spot.

    Paludal Caverns = PoK > Nexus > Shadowhaven > Paludal.

  3. Shibby! I’ll be checking it out. My time outside the tutorial has been very brief and I know I’m learning how to walk all over again.

    I’ll get there, It is just gonna take some time.

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